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Offering high quality ESD test instruments and workstations at an affordable range

About Us

M.K Stateclean System & Solutions is a recognized company as the premier manufacturer, exporter and supplier for advanced level electrostatic measurement and high voltage solutions. Established in 2013, we have been rapidly progressing towards innovation and excellence in our field of operation and creating engineering excellence through regular development. With a proactive approach toward market and technology research, we have been supplying a range of superior quality products including Soldering Station, Hot Air Rework Station, ESD Test Instrument, ESD Workstations, Mobile Phone Repairing Tools, DVD Spare Parts, ESD Control Products, Cleam Room Gloves, ESD Garments and others.

We are a quality oriented organization with full focus on the quality of each aspect of products. Our objective of business is to provide superior quality products in cost-effective ways. We also provide value-added services to our clients. We are totally committed to our customers and equally committed to our organization. Our quick success is not just a fortuitous event but hard work and strategies the whole business in an adequate way. We acknowledge hard works of our individual members and give emphasize on the training and their progression. Our quality process is integrated to our whole business, and not just limited to products and services.

Product Range

We offer our clients with following products:


ESD Shoe

ESD Gloves




Static Shielding Bag

ESD Slipper

ESD Apron

ESD Soldering Stations

ESD Iron

ESD Cloth

ESD Fabric

ESD Cover All

Shoe Cover Dispenser Machine

Shoe Cover

Shoe Cover Machine Digital

Ionizer Gun

Packing Pp Box

ESD Carbon Gloves

ESD Line Gloves

ESD Dotted Gloves

ESD Pu Coated Gloves

ESD Finger Cots

Finger Cots

SBK Soldering Stations

Temperature Control Soldering Stations

Temperature Soldering Iron

Wrist Band

ESD Wrist Band Clip Type

ESD Wrist Band Buckle Type

ESD Cleaner Solutions

ESD Solutions Cleaning

Soldering Wire

Soldering Wire Lead Free

ESD Cleaning Liquid


Mobile Repairing Tools

ESD Dispenser Bottle

Dispenser Bottle

Mobile Repairing Solutions

Sticky Mat

Sticky Pad

Silicon Roller

Sticky Roll 8"

Sticky Roll 4"

Sticky Roll 12"

Sticky Roll 10"

ESD Air Bubble Bag

ESD Air Bubble Sheet

ESD Pink Bag

ESD Cap, Face Mask

Nose Mask

Crimp Cap

Haïr Cap

Head Cap

Crimp Cap Blue

ESD Hood

ESD Mobile Box

Latex Examination Gloves

Latex Gloves

SRM Meter

SRM 100 Watt Meter

SCM Meter

Static Locator Meter.

Hot Air Rework Station

ESD Test Instrument

ESD Workstations

Mobile Phone Repairing Tools

DVD Spare Parts

ESD Control Products

Clean Room Products

Soldering Tools

ESD Garments

ESD Footwear

Clean Room Gloves

Our Expertise

We have a comprehensive expertise high voltage power amplification and electrostatic measurement. We are a solution based company, manufacturing and providing high valued solutions for our clients. We strive hard to create our position in the market by providing advanced level products. We are involved in thorough internal research, conference participation, partnership relationships and other interactions. Our strength is our technologically advanced research and manufacturing facilities. We have implemented highly precise calibration and measurement expertise to serve the demanding industries including semiconductor, disk drive, standard product tools etc. 

Our Facility

We have an extensive infrastructural facility that is composed of various units including production, quality control, research and development and others. We have a large production facility equipped with testing equipment and prototype apparatus. The production facility is dedicated to the creation of new technologies and designs to back up our future growth. We work on various projects designed to expand the company's future growth and improve the product quality. We give utmost importance to research and development, thus we have created a full-fledged research facility as an integral part of our infrastructural facility.